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Voice of Yasuo Seto, Forensic Science Group, RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC)

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RIKEN SPring-8 Center
Yasuo Seto, Group Director, Forensic Science Group, Photon Science Research Division

Research introduction and details

Forensic science is a discipline that demonstrates the facts of crimes on the basis of evidence, with scientific investigation as its foundation.
Specifically, this involves subjects such as the distribution and metabolism of illegal drugs in hair or the detection of fingerprints. We’re developing technologies using the SPring-8 large synchrotron radiation facility to solve problems through analysis not possible in normal scientific investigation. Constructed by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) and the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, SPring-8 produces the world’s highest-performance synchrotron radiation. Synchrotron radiation, which can be 10 billion times brighter than the sun, can be used to investigate the shapes and functions of substances at the molecular or even atomic level.
The Forensic Science Group at SPring-8, which conducts such cutting-edge research and development, uses the ω series.

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What are your uses for ultrapure water?


We use it in a variety of situations including elemental analysis, organic matter analysis, sample preparation, and cleaning of biological samples. In the world of forensic science, the constant need for correct information and accurate experimental findings is a given, and demands advanced analytical technologies. Because of this, the use of pure and ultrapure water is standard, and the water is recognized as indispensable.
In particular, the analysis using synchrotron radiation which we are researching and developing is highly sensitive, detecting even the most trace amounts of foreign matter and impurities. For this reason, it requires ultrapure water with minimal contamination.

What led you to start considering Organo products?

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How did you find out about Organo?

It began when I spotted an advertisement for Organo at an academic conference.
A research institute I had been associated with used pure and ultrapure water systems from other companies. When we renewed our systems, I wanted to use a different manufacturer. Based on the catalog, the quality of treated water seemed usable in experiments and the specifications and performance seemed sufficient as well, so I became more interested in the products.

Reasons for adoption

What was your main reason for choosing an Organo system?

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It was dependability of Organo as a domestic manufacturer. A research institute I earlier belonged to had adopted Organo systems, so I decided to choose Organo again when purchasing an ultrapure water system.
Organo’s people were another decisive factor in the end. Even at our faraway location, sales representatives visited to propose and explain equipment. I was impressed by the attentive response.

What have you found positive about using the ω Series?

I of course appreciate that its water quality is suitable for trace analysis, and that the single-cabinet system is compact. Other companies’ products required space for separately installing a tank or a filter next to the system. By comparison,ω series saves space.


Do you have any requests regarding Organo products?

The running cost (consumables) feels high. This is true not only for Organo but for manufacturers of laboratory ultrapure water systems in general.

Please let us know of any final comments.

I hope you will continue to advance development of equipment that is easy to operate in terms of both functionality and cost.

Our thanks to Mr. Yasuo Seto of the Forensic Science Group at RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC).

RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC)
RIKEN SPring-8 Center (RSC)