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Voice of Tomoyasu Tsukamoto, ChromaNik Technologies Inc.

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PURIC α (PR-FP-0120α-MT1 × Dispenser)
Tomoyasu Tsukamoto, Ph.D. Bioscience and Biotechnology, ChromaNik Technologies Inc.

Business introduction and details

ChromaNik Technologies Inc. manufactures and sells columns for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
Featuring outstanding sensitivity and durability, the company’s columns are used in a variety of fields, by customers including government agencies and food and pharmaceutical manufacturers. This “column expert” company that plays a role in supporting analytical technology uses the α series.

Tomoyasu Tsukamoto, Ph.D. Bioscience and Biotechnology, ChromaNik Technologies Inc.


What are your uses for ultrapure water?

α series

We use α’s ultrapure water as cleaning water for silica gel, a material used in our columns.
As we deal with high-sensitivity columns for the separation of very low-concentration substances, we take great care to avoid contamination of columns before shipping. Customers using mass spectrometers in particular are greatly affected by any impurities eluted from columns. As higher sensitivity demands higher column performance and quality, we need Organo’s ultrapure water to maintain that quality.

We use ultrapure water not only for cleaning silica gel but also as the eluent for analysis, in the preparation of reagents, and as final cleaning water for instruments.

Reasons for adoption

What was your main reason for choosing an Organo system?

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The support is solid. When the water supply stops, most of our work stops. So, our first priority was receiving immediate response when trouble occurs. On that point, Organo responds quickly and is very reliable, which puts us at ease.

Positive points

What have you found positive about using the α series?

Compact design
(1) Easy replacement of consumables

Replacement of consumables is very easy. Compared to other companies’ systems that I’ve used in the past, I appreciate that the cartridge can be replaced simply by pulling it forward.

(2) Icon display on the dispenser display

I was unfamiliar with the display at first and sometimes pressed the wrong buttons. But as the buttons are shown as icons, it’s very easy to understand with some familiarity.

(3) Compact design

The small size of the system is a plus. Items in our laboratories increase year by year, but space is limited. The lack of restrictions on layout and the ability for compact installation are a great help to us.
The dispenser is also small, which is nice.

(4) Precision of fixed-volume dispensing

Compared to the system we were using before, the high precision of the fixed-volume dispensing function was surprising.
It’s possible to step away from the system during dispensing and perform other work, so we use the function when dispensing large volumes.


Do you have any feature requests?

  1. I thought it would be better if the touch panel of the dispenser made a clicking sound when touched to give a sensation of pressing.
  2. When dispensing a fixed volume, it would be nice if the display showed the remaining dispensing volume and a countdown sound played. In particular, when dispensing water with a tilted graduated cylinder or replenishing water in dispensing, overflow can happen if the remaining amount of water isn’t known. A function like that would make it easy to know when to stop.


The chromatography column is an important element that greatly affects analytical results.
Ultrapure water helps achieve high quality in columns.

Our thanks to Mr. Tsukamoto of ChromaNik Technologies.

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